A coworking space by and for

the Effective Altruism community (in Berlin)

Our vision is to have a space where people from the wider Effective Altruism Community can not only work to make the world a better place, but can also informally engage with other members of the community during coffee breaks, lunch, at the ping pong table, or during community events.

Whether you are looking for a place to work every day, once a week or only a couple of days while you are visiting Berlin, we'd love to have you.

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In addition to the Effektiv Spenden team we already have regulars and visitors from organizations like Founders Pledge, CEA, GiveDirectly and many other Effective Altruism aligned organizations*.

Working for an "official" Effective Altruism organization isn't a requirement though. We are also looking for students, researchers, journalists, volunteers, founders etc. who consider themselves part of the wider Effective Altruism community.

We are based in Berlin's Wedding district directly at the tram and underground station Seestraße (Müllerstraße 138D, 13353 Berlin)

Meet our members

Here are some of our members. We would love for you to join!

Sarah Emminghaus- WirklichGut Podcast

Johannes Ackva - Founders Pledge

Thomas Moispointner - Effektiv Spenden

Aron Mill - Allfed

Anneke Pogarell - Centre for Effective Altruism

Devon Fritz - High Impact Professionals

Sara Elsholz - Centre for Effective Altruism

Manuel Allgaier - Effektiver Altruismus Berlin

Sebastian Becker - Effektiv Spenden

Teis Rasmussen - Spark Wave

Luisa Sandkühler - Founders Pledge

Basti Schwiecker - Effektiv Spenden

Vegard Beyer - Future Matters Project

Justus Baumann - Future Matters Project

Antonia Briel - Effektiv Spenden


All memberships include Wi-Fi, coffee (fair use), access to the printer (fair use), the fully equipped kitchen and the option to challenge us at the ping pong table…

Visitor (50€/month)

Guaranteed access during office hours one day per week.

Flex desk (150€/month)

Guaranteed access during office hours as well as access to the conference room.

Fixed desk (300€/month)

24/7 access, your own desk, preferential access to the conference room, possibility to host community events or workshops. Mail service can be provided upon request.

Want to join as a small team? Ask us about our private offices and discounts.

Don't see exactly what you want here? Let us know your needs and we will try to make it work.

You'd like to give us some feedback, make suggestions, inform us about any issues or have anything else to share? Please reach out via the anonymous feedback form.

Join us!

Like what you see? We'd love to talk to you. Please fill out the contact form below an we will get back to you asap.

*So far we have already had representatives from Centre for Effective Altruism, Founders Pledge, OpenAI, High Impact Athletes, Charity Entrepreneurship, Family Empowerment Media, Kurzgesagt, High Impact Professionals, Momentum, Altruisme Efficace France, Czech Association for Effective Altruism, Effective Altruism the Netherlands, Training for Good, Spark Wave, Future Matters Project, Fish Welfare Initiative, Alvea, Effective Altruism and Consulting Network, Effective Altruism Belgium, Effective Altruism Kyiv, GiveDirectly, Allfed, One for the World, Rethink Priorities, Animal Charity Evaluators, Legal Priorities Project, WirklichGut, NEAD und Future Cleantech Architects work with us at TEAMWORK